• A brief introduction to dpsFramework Utility set. (revised at: 2019)

    Abstract: An informal description is given of five JADE Multiagent platform oriented micro-utilities. These micro-utilities have been developed in Java Language and they have two main functions: the first one has been to facilitate the deployment of complex-agents that belong to the replicas of a distributed application; the second one target has been to allow the configuration, adaptation and subsequent debugging of those agents at JADE Platform runtime. This set of open source micro-utilities has been named dpsFramework.

  • GitHub - Markdown-Cheatsheet

    This is intended as a quick reference and showcase. For more complete info, see John Gruber’s original spec and the Github-flavored Markdown info page.

  • Markdown-Syntax Manual

    Posted by Sirthias at GitHub. The original can be located here: Professor Jacques Distler, at Physics Department, University of Texas, Austin, Texas 78712. This document and the MARUKU Project were forked and studied. It was also used to Translation of HTML entities to LaTeX. Other tools oriented to conversion of HTML to Markdown, are available at Mr.42.