• Step.1 How to create a new DPS-Agents oriented project with version-1.7

    Abstract: This document details the process of creating a new agent-oriented application environment. The version v1.7 of the dpsFrameworkBuilder-1.7.jar installer is used. The document also shows, which are the most recommended previous and subsequent steps to perform during the creation of this new agent-oriented application environment, so the Developer or Architects of the application, can verify a-priori that all the replicas of the new application and DPS-Agents present in them, will be able to allow communication between those agents through the remote servers managed by the JADE Platform.

  • Step.2 How to communicate and do Facts-Passing between DPS-Agents with version-1.7

    Abstract: This document details the minimum steps necessary to verify that two agents of type DPS-Agent-Node communicate correctly and can access and modify the Working Memory from the Asynchronous-Shell or from the JADE-Shell command interpreter. In order for these agents to communicate properly, they must belong to replicas of the same application. For that reason it is important, before undertaking step 2, to have completed Step 1 successfully and thus have the base structure created for the Avalon application.