Problem Solving Agents for JADE:
Deployment Manual with Examples

by Francisco J. Aguayo

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  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Types of agents included
Chapter 2. Agent-oriented application structure
Chapter 3. Monitor and Precog agents directories
Chapter 4. CLIPS, Jess and Prolog agent directories
Chapter 5._Agents to debug agents: the stage
_Chapter 6.
Runlevels: stopping the time
Chapter 7. Message Queue management
Chapter 8. Agent Behaviour management
Chapter 9. Coordination between agents
Chapter 10. Orchestration between agents
Chapter 11. Agent discovery and registration
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And the world changed. And then 3 minutes turned into an eternity

First deployment in 3 minutes

Why agent-oriented applications?

  • Platform

  • Autonomous agents

  • Communication protocols between agents

Agents are deployed on a MAS platform

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