P40-CLIPSJNI-051     ~     Repo: P49-JESS-80     ~     Repo: P20-JADE-FIPA     ~     Repo: P41-CLIPSJNI-640     ~     Repo: P42-CLIPS-UG     ~     Repo: P10-FIPA-CORBA     ~     Repo: CLIPS 6.4 User's Guide PS-Agents 2.1: Deployment Manual Parallel, Distributed and Multi-Agent Production Systems Website References Bibliografía CLIPS 6.4 UG-Capítulos 1 al 8 dpsFW-Thesaurus A Review of Agent-Based Programming for Multi-Agent Systems FIPA: Specifying Protocols for Multi-Agent Systems Interaction Parallel, Distributed and Multiagent Production Systems

Concepts and components

  1. Jekyll plugin to generate TOC on website pages, Jekyll Template Language and Theme for website preparation, compatible with GitHub-Pages:
    • JekyllTOC1.
    • Liquid2.
    • Minima Jekyll theme3.
  2. Agent creation and debugging environment:
    • Multi-Agent Platform JADE4.
    • FIPA5. FIPA Interaction Protocol Library Specification. Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents.
  3. Paradigm for creating software with the ability to generate new structures of Agent-Oriented Applications:
    • Agent-oriented programming or (AOP)6 (Agent-Oriented-Programming) [Shoham].
    • Standardized creation model projects in Java Language. Apache Maven7.
  4. Java compiler and development environment: Java platform and early OpenJDK releases, accessible in JAVA/openJDK-17…-198 and higher.

  5. Version of dpsFramework project and components (see, Table 1.):
    • v0.9.1 (SOCO)
    • v1.7 (EUMAS)
    • v1.8 (JOURNAL) dpsFramework current version9.
  6. Java interpreter for integration in Java applications with the ability to execute scripts and generate objects at run time:
    • BeanShell10.
  7. Advanced editor for syntax illumination and assisted programming for new Languages ​​like CLIPS, Jess, API-JADE, etc.:
    • RSyntaxTexArea11.
  8. Target architecture used in the tests:
    • ARM architecture (e.g. RaspberryPI12).
  9. Expert Systems construction tools, used by Agents:
    • CLIPS13.
    • JESS14.
    • swi-Prolog15 (Section 2).
  10. Research project, doctoral thesis director, teaching supervision process, and official deposit of the thesis publication (see Table 2.).

Table 1. Version and distribution aliases, and components used by dpsFramework.

Version Description
v0.9.1 (SOCO)
Date: Dec 2017
Installer Name: dpsFrameworkBuilder-RC1.jar. (The official version).
Compiler / Components: Java JDK 7 and 8. JADE JADE 4.4.0. BeanShell 2.0b4. RSyntaxTextArea TextEditor. HyperSQL v2.3.4. CLIPS 6.30. CLIPSJNI 0.5. Jesus 8.0a1.
v1.7 (EUMAS)
Date: Sep. 2018
Installer name: dpsFrameworkBuilder-1.7.jar.
Compiler / Components: . Java/openJDK 8.x compiler.. JADE 4.5.0 - revision 6825 of 05-23-2017 . BeanShell v:2.0b4 (patched at, 2016). . RSyntaxTextArea TextEditor. . HyperSQL® HyperSQL Database Engine v:2.3.4 . CLIPS 6.31. . Six compiled libraries CLIPSJNI 0.5 to: Raspbian-Pi, Linux 32/64, Microsoft Windows 32/64 and, Apple iOS-X . Jess 8.0a1.. Apache JENA
v1.8 (JOURNAL)9
Date: Sep. 29, 2021
Installer Name: dpsFrameworkBuilder-1.8-full.jar.
Builder / Components: . Java/openJDK 8.x compiler. BeanShell v:2.0b6 (https://github.com/beanshell/beanshell). . HyperSQL® HyperSQL Database Engine v:2.3.4 (https://sourceforge.net/projects/hsqldb/) . CLIPS 6.31 (https://sourceforge.net/projects/clipsrules/files/CLIPS/). CLIPSJNI 0.5 compiled to: Raspbian-Pi, Linux 32/64, Microsoft Windows 32/64, Apple OS-X . Jess, the Rule Engine for the Java Platform. Copyright (C) 2013 Sandia Corporation. Jess Version 8.0a1 9/25/2013 (http://www.jessrules.com) . Apache JENA (https://jena.apache.org/). JADE 4.5.0 (release 6825 of 05-23-2017 10:06:04 at http://jade.tilab.com/)

Table 2. Metadata of the Research Project (2012-2017) associated with dpsFramework Project.

Institution Research project
UniLeon Institution: University of León16.
Department: Department of Electrical Engineering, Systems and Automation17.
Research name: Techniques for deployment of distributed architecture in rule-based expert systems using the multi-agent paradigm. (2012-2017)
Deposit: DIALNET. Status: Completed.
Author: Aguayo-Canela, FJ18. Director: García-Rodríguez, I19.


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