Abstract: Unification of the libraries used by the JADE 4.6.0 core: This is a proposal to update the compilation mechanism with OpenJDK-11 to 18 or higher.

Section 1: Identification

  • Responsible for the proposal: FJ Aguayo.
  • Proposal date: January 2023.
  • Results location: GitHub repo.

Section 2: Description of the proposal

  • OpenJDK-11 to OpenJDK-18 compiler.
  • JADE Revision 6871 version 4.6.0 of December 19, 2022 is used

2.1. Resume

2.2. destination platform

  • Java SE 17, OpenJDK-17 or higher, Java JDK-17 or higher. This implies that it can be used in Desktop or Server environments, with different architectures and operating systems.

  • The final objective is its integration in JADE 4.6.0, and to wait for a future revision of JADE for JAVA 11 or higher.

23. What does the update proposal need?

  • Access to the JADE Platform code. Found at: https://jade.tilab.com/svn/jade/trunk/
  • A development environment. Eclipse 2021-12 has been used.
  • A detailed compilation of the errors provided by the OpenJDK-17/Java JDK-17 compiler; its progressive correction; the incorporation of the Java Platform Module System to allow the later integration of JADE with its FIPA module under the Java module system.

2.4. Why this proposal?

  • Because the evolution of the Java compiler has removed the CORBA libraries from the Java core.
  • Because it is not possible to compile the JADE Platform on Java OpenJDK-17. The only way is to incorporate the GlassFish CORBA ORB libraries into the CLASSPATH. Demanding, in turn, the distribution of JADE with these specific libraries.

2.5. Underlying technology or technologies:

  • OpenJDK-9 to OpenJDK18.
  • Oracle Java JDK-9 through Oracle Java JDK-18.
  • GlassFish CORBA ORB 2.4
  • apache-commons

2.6. Package name for API proposal?

  • File: jade-4.6.0.jar
  • Package: jade

2.7. Dependencies on specific operating systems

  • Those corresponding to the version and architecture of the Java compiler.

2.8. Security issues due to the current security model

  • They have not been analysed.

2.9. Internationalization or localization problems?

  • They have not been implemented.

2.10. Any need for revision as a result of this work?

  • It has not been foreseen. Awaiting review.

2.11. Schedule for the development of this proposal

  • Start: December 2022
  • End: January 2023

Section 3: Contributions

3.1. Documents, proposals, or implementations that describe the technology.

3.2. Starting point of the work.

  • JADE-4.6.0 Patch 6871.

Section 4: Additional Information (Optional)

4.1. Additional information to include in the Improvement Proposal

License: GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1
Author: TILAB Telecom
Updated: 2023-01-14