Class JessEventAdapter

  extended by jess.JessEventAdapter
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.EventListener, JessListener

public class JessEventAdapter
extends java.lang.Object
implements JessListener

A JessEventAdapter that lets you write JessEvent handlers in the Jess language. The adapter serves as "glue" between a source of JessEvents and a Userfunction that will be invoked when an event is received.

(C) 2013 Sandia Corporation

Constructor Summary
JessEventAdapter(java.lang.String uf, Rete engine)
          Create an adapter.
Method Summary
 void eventHappened(JessEvent e)
          Called when a JessEvent occurs.
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Constructor Detail


public JessEventAdapter(java.lang.String uf,
                        Rete engine)
                 throws JessException
Create an adapter. Normally you'll call this from Jess code using reflection. The first argument is the name of a function to call when a JessEvent occurs; The second is the engine to attach to

uf - The name of a Jess function
engine - The engine to field events from
JessException - If anything goes wrong.
Method Detail


public final void eventHappened(JessEvent e)
Called when a JessEvent occurs. The function specified in the constructor is called, with the event object as the only argument. The function can examine the event using reflection.

Specified by:
eventHappened in interface JessListener
e - The event

2013 Sandia Corporation