Interface WorkingMemoryMarker

public interface WorkingMemoryMarker

A WorkingMemoryMarker is a "memento" that records the state of working memory. Calling Rete.mark() returns an object that implements this interface, which you must save. By calling Rete.resetToMark(jess.WorkingMemoryMarker) and passing back the same object, you can retract all facts asserted since the marker was created.

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See Also:
Rete.mark(), Rete.resetToMark(jess.WorkingMemoryMarker)

Method Summary
 void restore(Rete engine)
          This method is responsible for restoring working memory state.

Method Detail


void restore(Rete engine)
             throws JessException
This method is responsible for restoring working memory state. This method is public only as an implementation detail -- there is no expectation that users will call this method or implement this interface themselves

engine - the rule engine
JessException - if anything goes wrong

2013 Sandia Corporation