Alphabetical Function Index

* ** + ++ -
-- / < <= <>
= > >= abs add
agenda and apply as-list asc
assert assert-string bag batch bind
bit-and bit-not bit-or bload break
bsave build call call-on-engine clear
clear-focus-stack clear-storage close complement$ context
continue count-query-results create$ defadvice defclass
definstance delete$ dependencies dependents div
do-backward-chaining duplicate e engine eq
eq* eval evenp exit exp
explode$ external-addressp fact-id fact-slot-value facts
fetch filter first$ float floatp
focus for foreach format gensym*
get get-current-module get-focus get-focus-stack get-member
get-multithreaded-io get-reset-globals get-salience-evaluation get-strategy halt
help if implement implode$ import
insert$ instanceof integer integerp intersection$
java-objectp jess-type jess-version-number jess-version-string lambda
length$ lexemep list list-deftemplates list-focus-stack
list-function$ listp load-facts load-function load-package
log log10 long longp lowcase
map matches max member$ min
mod modify multifieldp neq new
not nth$ numberp oddp open
or pi pop-focus ppdeffacts ppdeffunction
ppdefglobal ppdefquery ppdefrule ppdeftemplate printout
progn provide random read readline
regexp remove replace$ require require*
reset rest$ retract retract-string return
round rules run run-query run-query*
run-until-halt save-facts save-facts-xml set set-current-module
set-factory set-member set-multithreaded-io set-node-index-hash set-reset-globals
set-salience-evaluation set-strategy set-value-class set-watch-router setgen
show-deffacts show-deftemplates show-jess-listeners socket sqrt
store str-cat str-compare str-index str-length
stringp sub-string subseq$ subsetp sym-cat
symbolp synchronized system throw time
try undefadvice undeffacts undefinstance undefrule
union$ unwatch upcase update view
watch while

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